Product Liability
In the 21st Century, product liability litigation will often involve complex and technical issues which need to be understood and fully appreciated by counsel. Advancing technology is complicated and the effective litigator must, therefore, be able to communicate the intricacies of a product and its design in a manner which will be understood by a jury of laymen. Our attorneys have been handling the defense of litigation involving products for over three decades, and continue to provide aggressive defense of such products while adapting to new technology.

Dell, Moser, Lane & Loughney, LLC has an extensive history litigating product liability cases. We have litigated cases involving a variety of products and equipment for industrial, commercial and consumer use. As an example, we have handled cases involving drain cleaners, microwave motion detectors, commercial dredgers, conveyor systems, outdoor halogen lights, tree balers, mechanical dock levelers, trash compactors, chemicals, elevators, escalators, pressure gauges, kitchen appliances, presses, ski lift equipment, roller coasters, glue, air compressors, rubber hosing, electrical connectors, forklifts, cranes, chairs, automobiles, construction vehicles and their various component parts as well as a host of other simple to high technology products.